Terms & Conditions

  • Prices are valid for 14 days from the date of quotation, prices may vary thereafter due to market prices.
  • Your date will be held for 14 days only from supply of quotation without a deposit
  • A 30% non-refundable and non-transferable booking fee will secure your booking, the remaining balance to be paid during the final consultation. Final consultations are held 4-6 weeks prior to your event. Please arrange a time and day appropriate to best suit your schedule.
  • First consultation & Final confirmation are complimentary, further appointments incur a $60/hour fee.
  • All weddings must be paid for in full, no later than 4 weeks prior to your wedding/event, failure to comply may result flowers of your choice being unavailable or non-delivery of flowers if any balance is outstanding. If you need to cancel your order, we require 90 days’ notice before the delivery date. We will then refund the amount, less the original non refundable booking fee of 30% for administration costs and less the amount of any sundries items already purchased. Orders that are cancelled after the 90 days’ notice period will not be reimbursed. Payments can be made in cash, cheque or by EFT to our nominated Bank account.
    Credit card payments are available however, they do incur a 3.5% fee. If you would prefer this method of payment, please let Chiara Anne Floral Couture know so we can add the charge to your invoice.
  • Please note, Flower supply can be affected at times throughout the year due to unforeseen reasons such as limited supply, seasonal availability, poor quality, weather, or quarantine. Chiara Anne floral Couture accepts no responsibility for these circumstances however we will do our best to create your wedding package as close to desired designs in these situations.
  • Flower colours can vary slightly throughout the year due to season changes and can be slightly brighter or paler; CA Floral Couture accepts no responsibility for slight variations in flower colour, shape, and size.
  • Weather conditions on the day of your event may affect the flowers, and you acknowledge that this out of our control. CA floral Couture will not be held liable if the flowers or other items purchased or rented are damaged or cause damage in any situation that is due to weather. You acknowledge that flowers that are out of water source will have a shortened life span. Only the freshest flowers will be used, and consideration will go into selecting flowers that do last longer in these situations. Once flowers have been delivered, I cannot control their quality. Please remember that flowers are perishable living organisms; they require gentle handling, water and care.
  • The bouquet sizes quoted are a guide only. Your actual bouquet may be slightly larger or smaller, depending on the size variation of available flowers. CA Floral Couture accepts no responsibility for slight variation in size.
  • Some varieties of flowers ( such as roses ) for weddings and events are conditioned to look their best for your event day. As the flowers are brought into their prime age their life is shortened so these flowers won’t last long after your event due to the conditioning.
  • If your wedding date changes, please let us know ASAP, we cannot guarantee that we will have a vacancy on your new date but will do our best to accommodate you. If we are unable to accommodate, we will then refund the amount, less the original booking fee of 30% for administration costs and less the amount of any sundries purchases already made. Postponed events or date changes must be within 6 months of the pre-booked event date  for funds to be transferred to the new date.  A minimum of 90 days notice prior to intended event date is required for date changes.
  • Booking fees are non-transferable to other clients
  • Quoted prices are subject to change, based on final selections.
  • Changes can be made to your booking as required, but no later than 4 weeks prior to your wedding date.
  • We require all future liaison to be via email. Please do not text or send via Facebook chat as I would hate to miss any information and whilst you are more than welcome to call for a chat about changes we will still require you to send via email so both of us can refer to when needed. Making all communication easier for both parties to find.
  • Whilst we will endeavour to cover any last-minute additions (OH NO!!!! Grandmas Corsage) or changes to delivery addresses, we do request that you email Chiara Anne at to arrange this, we will be able to inform you of any difficulties with your changes immediately. You are also welcome to call 0414637778 for changes but due to the nature of my work I am not always able to answer my phone so you may need to leave a voicemail for me to call back. Although I will still require changes via email. Texting the mobile provided is accepted and appropriate for the week of your event only!
  • CAFC takes no responsibility for flowers that cannot be delivered for reasons out of CAFC control such as situations (but not limited to);
    - No one present to accept delivery of flowers (Please ensure that someone is there to accept flower delivery as flowers will not be left)
    - The address provided for the recipient is incorrect (please ensure that all details provided are correct including contact information.)
    - Unanswered contact number provided (please ensure your mobiles are switched on, on your event day)
  • While damages and/or injuries relating to our products/services are unlikely, it’s important for the client to understand there are some risks in planning an event/having flowers/decoration at their event and the client is responsible for risks relating to items they purchase. Chiara Anne Floral Couture is not liable for any damages or injuries to the client, their guests or others at their event or property rented or owned. Client assumes responsibility.
  • CA Floral Couture cannot accept or deliver any items that are not purchased through CA floral Couture for your event date as this compromises space in our delivery vehicles and we would hate for your belonging to be damaged in any way. For example, rose petals cones, whilst we can provide the rose petals. Cones will need to be delivered to your reception/ceremony on your own behalf.
  • Hired items must be returned to our home studio based in Baldivis within 7 days of the event. Failure to return items in same condition will incur a purchase fee of items lost/ stolen or not returned within the 7 days. We offer a collection fee/pack down service if you would prefer this option please ask for a quote. Scanned copy of credit card ( both sides ) needs to be provided for any hires items.
  • Pack down services are quoted accordingly for next day collection/dismantle. In the incident your venue requires a midnight pack down please note that this will cost a flat rate fee of $300. If more staff are required for large scale install dismantles or for a shorter than normal timeframe and additional staffing fee will be charged at $60 per hour.
  • In the event that Chiara Anne Floral couture is no longer able to provide flowers for your event due to personal illness or tragedy a suitable replacement florist will be found & recommended to take over your wedding with your permission or a refund on your monies paid will be issued.
  • Payment of your deposit is acceptance of the above terms and conditions.




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